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Package design for a fresh startup company featuring knee-high socks 'with bows'.



To design a fun and clear concept of 'socks with bows'. Packaging to accompany each size from small to large.



Surveys and Competitive Research.
We surveyed girls from private school institutions and asked what was most frustrating in their every day uniform wear. The unanimous vote was the strict guidelines for long socks, button-up shirts and uniform skirts which they considered monotonous to their personalities.


The designs were bright and the lettering was simple- showcasing the awesome brand, logo, and colors complementing each pair of socks. On the back of the package is information describing the efforts and the mission of ScholarSox.



With academic approvals, ScholarSox was able to include the addition of a ribbon bow and it's custom branding of the promotional socks. With each pair of socks purchased the company is given a percentage of the profits which in turn, the company gives back to education. 

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